MRP – Rs 75,000/-

Type Type of Oxygen Concentrator Portable

Flow Rate Flow Rate (Minimum) at 93% + – 3% oxygen purity (Litres per minute) –  3

Oxygen Outlet And Pressure And Tank Capacity Oxygen outlet(s) Single Outlet pressure

(KPa) 75

Oxygen Concentration monitor available Yes

Oxygen tank capacity (Ltrs) 5

Power Source And Battery Power Source Electrical Operated

Average Power Consumption (Watt) 350

Power Efficiency (W/LPM) 60Hz220V

Battery duration in hours (If Battery operated or Electrical cum Battery 3 operated)

Battery Charging (If Battery operated or Electrical cum Battery operated) (Hrs) 1

Operating Temperature Humidity And Altitude Operating temperature Range (from 12 degree C to 32 degree C or better for portable type Operating humidity up to 95% Yes

Operating altitude Range up to (in meters) above sea level 10000

Type Of Operation Type of operation Continuous Flow Type Air Delivery

Adjustable Air Delivery mechanism Yes

Continuous flow rate (Litre per Minute) up to 5

Noise Level Noise Level (dB) Less than 40 db
Alarms And Alerts Digital Display LCD Audio Alarm YES

Visual Alarm YES

Alert of technical fault YES

Alert of wrong Battery YES

Alert of Depleted Battery YES

Alert of high Breath rate YES

Alert of low oxygen purity YES

Alert of No Breath YES

Alert for No flow YES

Alert for Low flow YES

Alert for High flow YES
Alert of Low Pressure YES

Alert of High Pressure YES

Alert of High temperature YES

Alert for Power failure YES

Alert for service requirement YES

Weight And Dimensions Weight (Kg) 15.2 Dimension (height) (mm) 580 Dimensions (Length) (mm) 380 Dimensions (Width) (mm) 270

Flame Retardancy Flame Retardant Yes


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