The Fiber-lite JU-950 is a cost effective 150W quartz halogen light source designed specifically for machine vision lighting. With its universal 90-250V AC input, it is ideal for use in any region without additional adapters. In addition to the 0 to 100% intensity control and heat absorbing, the basic model features less than 0.4% variation in the power output as compared to typical 2% variance in non-regulated or AC-regulated illuminators.



The JU-950 maintains a compact size, while offering features such as linear remote intensity control, Universal AC input power and color filtering capabilities. The 25mm “H” nose piece is compatible with all Dolan-Jenner standard fiber optic configurations, and the 15mm “HB” is compatible with most “M” series fiber optics (Not compatible with “M” goosenecks)

An optional iris and filter mount package (included with certain models) allow for control of the color temperature and inclusion of an additional 1” diameter filter. Built-in remote interface permits precise intensity control of output power via 0-5VDC analog input or an 8 bit digital interface.

The JU950 replaced the previous generation PL-900 and PL-800. Maintaining the same dimensions, but now with auto switching power supply, higher output, and increased reliability. PL800 PL900


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