• PurposeECG machine is primary equipment to record ECG signal with interpretation which is required for recording and analyzing the waveforms with software.
  • Number of channels3
  • Number of ECGs which can be store in ECG Machine50-99
  • ECG machine should have full screen preview of ECG report for quality assessment checks prior to printYes
  • Type of inbuilt screenLCD
  • Size of screen in inches5
  • ECG machine should have alphanumeric keyboard for patient data entryVirtual
  • Size of printing paperA4
  • Provision of batteryYes
  • Battery capacity30 ECG or 30 minutes of continous rhythm recording on single charge
  • Connectivity to ECG MachineHHIS
  • Availability of latest interpretation softwareYes
  • Wireless acquisition module with RF technologyYes
  • System should have the dedicated software to download the ECG form machine in PDF formatYes
  • Warranty (Option of comprehensive warranty is available through bidding only, which if opted will supersede normal warranty in the catalogue)3
  • Provision of trolleyNo
  • Material of Frame of trolleyNo Trolley Provided
  • Material of Top of trolleyNo Trolley Provided
  • Number of castorsNo Trolley Provided
  • Number of brakes for castorsNo Trolley Provided
  • Height of trolley in inchNo Trolley Provided
  • Provision of railing for top shelfNo Trolley Provided
  • Availability of suitable cable arm having holder for ECG cables when not in useNo Trolley Provided
  • ECG Machine 12 leads with interpretation1
  • Patient Cable2
  • Chest Electrodes Adult (set of Six)2
  • Chest Electrodes Paediatric (set of Six)Not provided
  • Limb Electrodes2 for adults and 2 for paediatric
  • Thermal paper for 500 patients1 SET
  • Power cable for chargingYes
  • Supplied with Clip electrodeYes
  • Availability of test report from govt/ NABL/ILAC accredited lab covering all parametersNo
  • Copies of all test reports to be provided to buyer on demand at time of supplies ,NA ,Incase test reports not availabble





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